Leading the era of veterinary drug innovation

“Resistance reduction and health have always been the key concern of the main unit of the breeding industry chain. Especially as a manufacturer of chemical drugs, how to play a key role in the reduction action, this has been thinking for a long time.

At the meeting, June 12-13, Hebei Province veterinary antimicrobial use reduction action site observation and veterinary drug comprehensive information platform use training class in Tangshan Lutai Farm officially opened. Directors from 11 districts and cities in Hebei Province, Dingzhou, Xinji and other places, and some of the standard breeding enterprises, technical directors participated in the training. Each city also has a live broadcast sub-venue, mainly the city and county in charge of drug administration personnel and all the breeding enterprises involved in the resistance reduction action representatives.

As a member of the Hebei Provincial Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance for reducing the use of veterinary antibiotics, Kexing participated in the training together with more than 10 member units of the alliance.


Words reduce resistance, propose the initiative

In 2017, The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Innovating the Physical Fitness Mechanism and Promoting the Green Agricultural Development, which put forward the new concept of “reducing resistance” for the first time;

By 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in the 16th Livestock Expo officially launched the “veterinary antimicrobial use reduction action” —— resistance reduction wind, however.

Thus, promoting the birth of the Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance for the Reduction of Veterinary Antibiotics in Hebei Province (hereinafter referred to as the “Resistance Reduction Alliance”) in 2020. At the opening ceremony of the training class, Mr.Yang Kai, general manager of Kexing Pharmaceutical, as the representative of the alliance, read out the quality and safety proposal of veterinary drug products, and made the brand commitment of “clear production standards, enhance integrity awareness, establish innovative mechanism, and practice ‘do veterinary drug craftsmen make Hebei quality’ “;

And issued initiatives on the site:

Veterinary drug enterprises should jointly assume the sacred responsibility of the quality and safety of veterinary drug products, and make due contributions to the construction of a harmonious and orderly veterinary drug market environment and the promotion of the healthy development of animal husbandry and veterinary drug industry in our province.


Tree is typical, set the scheme

Resistance reduction is not no resistance, but the concept and action of “producing good drugs, selling good drugs, using good drugs, using less drugs” through the whole breeding industry chain. And in the actual terminal breeding, how to define the “good medicine” to reducing resistance?


At this training meeting, the book Selected Typical Cases of Reduction of Animal Antibiotics in Livestock and Poultry Farm in Hebei Province, edited by Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and compiled by the Alliance of Resistance Reduction, was officially released and distributed to the municipal breeding units as a required manual for resistance reduction.


The programs such as “treatment plan of Escherichia coli (yellow dysentery) infection in lactating piglets” and “application plan of ampley combination treatment of salpingitis in laying hens” and other anti-reduction programs were included in the list. A series of resistance reduction products, such as microbial shield for environmental pathogens ——, and targeted microbial products —— Amp, have also attracted the attention and recognition of the representatives of breeding enterprises attending the meeting.


Kexing Pharmaceutical excellent resistance reduction plan is included

Targeted microbial products are one of the core products continuously developed and researched by Kexing Pharmaceutical for more than ten years, and also the expansion and extension of Kexing in the field of biopharmaceutical.

In kestar’s view: the core of “good medicine” is still in product innovation. To achieve the improvement of product quality and application effect by innovation, and to promote the reduction of resistant breeding and healthy life by innovation; this is the consistent concept and original intention of Kexing in 27 years.


Protect the health of animals, and create a better future
Wujian has become a first-class animal health program provider

Vigorous move forward, follow things increase China; reduce the road of resistance, heavy and far. Kexing has always been innovative ideas, quality consciousness, constantly deepen and broaden the value of the product, thus producing countless excellent resistance reduction products, won the consistent recognition and reputation of the market and users.

Protect the animal health, create a better future! In market change, breeding in the process of modernization, in the development of the fast track, in the next stage of the journey, will take science and technology innovation as the core drive, relying on the core advantage resources, with forward-looking vision, leading technology, continuous output more innovative products and more efficient solutions, is committed to become a first-class animal health provider, with many excellent enterprises hand in hand, for the user, for the market, for food safety, contribute all their strength.


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