Leading the era of veterinary drug innovation

From June 10 to 12,2023, the 9th (2023) China Pig Industry Shanhe Forum with the theme of “Health, professionalism, moderation and integration” was successfully held in Tai’an, Shandong Province. As a representative of excellent animal protection enterprises, Hebei Kexing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. brought a number of innovative products represented by HandiPack Easy bottle to this event, to the majority of industry people, showing the innovative style of Kexing as a modern science and technology pharmaceutical enterprise!


As the largest and most influential pig industry event in the eastern region, this forum has brought together a number of industry leaders, experts and more than 100 well-known enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the pig industry chain, with a total number of more than 1,500 participants.
This forum, based on the current development status of the pig industry, focuses on the changing trend of industrial structure, explore the new mode of industrial development, exchange the latest technological achievements of the industrial chain, strive to provide more systematic overall solutions for the industrial development, and boost the industry to achieve high-quality development.


In recent years, under the dual influence of non-plague and COVID-19, the domestic pig industry has received an unprecedented impact, and the industrial structure is facing a reshaping, which promotes the transformation and upgrading of the industrial model. At present, there are still many uncertainties in the development of the pig industry. With the increasing breeding cost and the continuous low pig price, the pig industry has entered the era of small profit. It can be said that cost reduction and efficiency increase are still the distinct main line throughout the development of the whole industrial chain.


As an important link in the industrial chain, in the key stage of pig industry reform, for the enterprises, will shoulder greater responsibility and mission. In the future, enterprises will continue to explore more innovative production technology, export innovative and efficient products / solutions for the industry, as well as more advanced technical service concepts, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the pig industry, which is the source power of the years’ continuous scientific and technological innovation and continuous deep cultivation of product power!


At the same time, during the forum, in order to further strengthen the communication with customers and deepen the concept of win-win cooperation, Kexing Pharmaceutical simultaneously held the easy safety bottle new product launch and boutique customer exchange salon.


Branch star pharmaceutical animal medicine group general manager Gu Ruijun, product technology director Wang Jingyou, east China regional sales director Kong Lei attended the meeting, and around the star innovation and development process, product structure system and easyjet bottle core value respectively share for the participants, and the market difficulties and pain points and the future cooperation direction of full communication and discussion.



As the “highlight” of the conference, the HandiPack ease bottle has been highly concerned by the participants. In addition, around the innovative highlights of Easyjet bottle and the far-reaching significance behind it, Mr.Jia also explained the participants in simple terms. At the same time, he carefully listened to customers’ needs and suggestions for Kexing products / services, and made clear answers to the questions raised by customers.


Over the years, Kexing has always adhered to the scientific and technological innovation as the core drive, with technology, leading the era of veterinary drug innovation, with products, the achievement of scientific and technological healthy breeding.

On the one hand, guided by market demand, it continues to increase investment in research and development, build a scientific research and innovation platform, constantly carry out product process micro-carving, build product power in depth, and gives birth to many innovative products represented by Ejet bottle.


On the other hand, continue to promote the upgrading of production hardware facilities, innovate production technology, improve automation, intelligent production level, committed to building a modern smart factory, minimize manual intervention, ensure quality at the same time, reduce production cost, to achieve the landing of high-quality, cost-effective products!


Technology leading, the brand with the star! At the key stage of the development of the pig industry, it is more necessary for the upstream and downstream enterprises to work together. As a ideal, responsible modern pharmaceutical enterprises, in the next stage of rapid development, the star will uphold simple can rely on the core values, with innovation driven pharmaceutical process change, with technology, relying on modern wisdom factory, stick to originality quality, continuously improve product force, to solve customer demand, constantly for the customer, for the market, for the industry output high quality, cost-effective products, fu can pig high quality development!


Post time: Apr-08-2024