Leading the era of veterinary drug innovation

In order to deepen the professional and technical capabilities in the field of Kexing Niu medicine and continuously improve the service level of front-line customers, in early May 2023, Kexing Pharmaceutical officially hired Dr. Zhang Tingqing from the University of Minnesota in the United States as the technical expert consultant. The two sides are committed to providing customers with more professional and advanced concept guidance and technical support.


In June 2023, Dr. Zhang Tingqing, technical expert consultant of Kexing, and Mr.Wu Xiaoyan, technical director of Kexing Rant Division, went to three large-scale dairy farms, Manor Ruida Ranch and Wuwei Ronghua Ranch, to carry out technical services, convey scientific concepts and enabling the healthy development of the ranch.


During the service period, Dr. Zhang and Mr.Wu visited the core area of the pasture respectively, and had a face-to-face communication with the frontline staff of the pasture. At the same time, on-site services were provided on the breeding management of perinatal cattle and calves, as well as the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control of new cattle and calf diseases, and questions were answered on the spot and related technical difficulties, and standard demonstration was made.




At the same time, to improve the ranch line staff professional ability, strengthen scientific breeding concept, service, Dr Zhang for each ranch staff organized professional technical training, the dry full, both theoretical support, also have a case shows, simple, easy to understand, let participants benefit, guide the direction of the work for the next stage.


In a short week of visit, the professional technology and meticulous service of the team were unanimously recognized by the ranch staff. This is also a microcosm of kexing’taken root in the front line and continued to deepen customer value.


Innovation comes from the front line, and it will certainly serve the front line! After 27 years of deep cultivation in the industry, Kexing has always adhered to the customer needs as the core orientation, and constantly deepened the customer value.

On the one hand, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve the level of automation and intelligent production, innovation technology, fine carving technology, to achieve the continuous rise of product power;

Extensive link industry, on the other hand, high quality resources, and many domestic universities, a number of well-known experts and professors of cooperation, jointly explore modern scientific breeding new ideas and new ideas, continuous forging professional skills, multidimensional comprehensive improve professional and technical service level, is committed to provide more for a line of farming more efficient system solutions.


In the future, costar will stick to beginner’s mind, adhering to the simple can rely on enterprise core values, continue to offer a line of high quality products and professional technical services, forging first-class reputation, with customer recognition and trust as the fundamental, continuous improvement and improve the company’s products, services and brand value, hand in hand with all customers, create a win-win!


Post time: Apr-08-2024