The scientific, efficient and safe use of veterinary drugs not only timely prevents and treats animal diseases and improves the efficiency of farmer farming, but also has important significance for actively controlling and reducing drug residues, improving the quality of animal products, and providing “green” foods.

1. Take full account of the characteristics of the drug The drugs that can be taken internally can be used for systemic infections, oral administration of drugs that cannot be absorbed, such as furazolidone, sulfaguanidine, colistin sulfate, etc., which can only be used for gastrointestinal infections. Antimicrobial drugs rarely enter the cerebrospinal fluid, and only sulfadiazine sodium can be accessed. Sodium sulfadiazine should be the preferred choice when treating brain infections.

2. Choose the right way to use drugs bitter stomach medicine such as gentian, broth, etc., only through the oral route, to stimulate the taste buds, to enhance the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, if the use of gastric tube medication, the drug directly without oral When you enter the stomach, you will not have a stomachic effect.

3. Note the effective concentration of the drug kanamycin intramuscularly, the effective concentration of the maintenance time is 12 hours, therefore, continuous intramuscular injection of kanamycin, the interval should be within 10 hours. Penicillin injections should generally be repeated once every 4 to 6 hours, and the procaine prolactin can be administered once every 24 hours.

4. Select berberine as early as possible when using pharmacological effects or special effects in young livestock and poultry to produce jaundice and white peony; apramycin treatment of poultry E. coli, Salmonella infection, the effect is very significant.

5. Pay attention to the incompatibility of drugs. Acidic drugs and basic drugs cannot be used together; antibacterial drugs and adsorbents should be disabled when oral live bacterial preparations are used; sulfa drugs are combined with vitamin C and precipitates; sulfadiazine sodium injection Most antibiotics will produce turbidity, sedimentation or discoloration and should be used alone.

6. Attention to animal species differences Pigs and dogs are easy to vomit. In the early stages of poisoning in pigs and dogs, emetic drugs may be used. However, equine animals are not prone to vomiting, so they cannot be given emetic drugs.

Post time: Feb-01-2021